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Wake up - American TV and newspapers impudently deceive you!

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Deceit Reuters 1 Deceit Reuters 2 Deceit Reuters 3 osetia_24_photo.rar Democracy in Estonia After the Georgian bombings

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Saakashvili eats his tie - Video Copy 2
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Saakashvili's crimes in S. Ossetia
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Putin says West is misguided

This translation of the Putin's speech has nothing common with the original version, what Putin says in Russian. From the last few seconds, when his speech becomes audible after the "interpreter" ends, you can here that Putin speaks about genocide in S. Osetia, how people were burnt alive in a historical church in one of the villages during 'cleansing' of the georgian troops. There were many episodes like this. Unfortunatelly, these facts are skipped by the Western television owned by... you know whom †And Russia has eyeweetnesses and proofs for it. People on the West are fooled all the way.

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Meeting Russian Federation on Georgia

Georgian forces armed and trained by the US killed > 1400 civilians IN ONE DAY.
Most of them are women, children, elders. Most of them are
Russian citizens. Several villages and towns raised to the ground with all their inhabitants.
Imagine 1600 brits or americans murdered. What would UK or US do?


The Britain is not portraying a fair and un-biased view of the war, that the so called 'war-lord' Russians have caused an escalation of conflict.
Russia had no advantage. The people that Russia has so to say 'attacked' are RUNNING TO RUSSIA (About 30,000 ).
Now why would they do this if Russia was the aggressor?

At the moment there is a drastical flow of refugees from the South Ossetia to Russia (~30,000 people).
Guess why they don't want to go to Georgia.
Tskhinvali was ruined utterly by Georgian artillery.
About 2000 people were killed. That's why South Ossetia would never agree to become a part of Georgia.


Just some facts:
Georgia's unemployment at 2005 - 17%
Georgia's employed in industry - 9%
Georgia's employed in agriculture - more than 50%
Georgia's internet users - no more than 40 for 1000 people.
Georgia's people with revenues under 4$ per day - more than 2/3 of population

Georgia's military budget:
2005 - about 205 millions $
2006 - 218 millions $
2007 - 517 millions $
2008 Ц more than 950 millions $


Today (12.08.2008) in the morning on the main page of CNN (the second in the world among the international
news services, after BBC) conducted voting with the next
heading- "do you think Russian actions in Georgia are justified?"
After 3 pm all of the sudden CNN decided to stop and remove the voting,
Most likely someone did not like the results ...

Results of voting at the moment of removal were the following:
Yes - it's peacekeeping Ц 92% or 331354 votes
No - it's an invasion Ц 8% or 27795 votes
Total voted 359149


Look how you are deceived Reuters

1. In both photos the same man lays of a type dead, but in different poses and in different places

So what, the Georgians have carried a corpse from place to place, overturn, and had been photographing with it?

2. The same man... In one case he is in black shirt/trousers not far from a corpse and then he is already in jeans and cries.

And the jeans are such new and clean ...

3. The corpse is laid face downwards, then face upwards, but on the face there is no dust...

And wounds it are not visible. Washed up, likely...



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The picture of South Osetia before and after the Georgian bombings.

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Attention to the Georgians and Georgia (In Russian)

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